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Transcription from audio to text

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We all know that in today’s world, with ever-increasing possibilities, you’ll have a large amount of information to process. Students need concise lecture notes, researchers need the conversion of their gathered data into quantitative figures, and doctors need quick access to their patient’s records.

So, what’s the solution? To try to do it all by yourself? To hire an employee to do it all for you and pay him a monthly salary? None of the above! Thanks to our premium transcription writing service, we’ll take care of your transcription from audio to text without you breaking the bank!

Different online transcription services operate in different ways. Some will simply instruct you to upload the file, get it transcribed with speech recognition software, and then return you the text file with no guarantee of accuracy. These services will charge you less for transcription, but they will disregard your queries. Furthermore, the software-transcribed files contain many syntax errors and incomprehensible sentences. This is due to the fact that certain software is unable to detect complicated US accents, crosstalk, and speech anomalies such as stutters.


Why CentPerWord?


Quality Transcription Services

Regardless of background noise, file quality, business language, or ethnic languages, our skilled transcriptionists have a well-trained ear and completely understand the recording’s spoken words.


Transcriptions that are Accurate and Complete

We aspire to be the industry’s most reliable translation company. Our transcriptionists understand even the most difficult words, including 100 percent correct interpretations with no inconsistencies.


Transcriber Terminology Management

Our international team of transcribers has vast expertise in a variety of areas, including market research, medical, business policy, and law. As a result, our terminology control glossary includes many of the words used in your industry.


Highly Confidential and Secured

Our transcription services are highly confidential. The data you provide us is secure and will not be shared with anyone else out of CentPerWord. We offer reliable and protected transcription services that preserve your audio content’s privacy.


Self-Service & Reliable

Working with us is as simple as dragging and dropping the file into our online uploader and then waiting for it to be delivered.


Rapid Turnaround Time

As soon as you submit your request, our team of experienced transcriptionists will get to work. Our transcriptionists are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to reliably translate your audio to text. If you do a case study interview at night, email it before going to bed so that the transcription arrives in your mailbox before you start to work the next day.


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