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What Makes a Good Writer: The 4 Essential Characteristics to Stand Out From the Crowd

What makes a good writer? Long answer short – Creativity, Consistency, Efficiency and Relevance are integral in the making of a good writer. But you don’t want the short answer do you? After all, this is a test to see if you inhabit those four qualities. Here we go.

Plan Your Writing Style With Creativity in Mind
A good writer with a blue shirt and a pen and a brush in his hands has paint in his hands and on the paper

Starting off with Creativity. This one’s a no-brainer. How are you going to be a writer if you’re not creative? You have to have that x-factor that creatives possess. It’s more of a feeling than anything. While everyone is creative to some level, the cream of the crop is easily distinguishable from the casuals. Don’t feel like you’ve come into the world with this gift? Fret not, you can build it with regular practice. That’s where our second point comes in.

Good Writers Must Always Be Consistent
Discipline and consistency is key for being a good writer

Consistency. Now this is where we lose a huge chunk of potential pro-writers. You might be the most creative individual in the world, but that doesn’t matter if you don’t get anything down on paper. You must be able to get down to write and you have to be able to do it consistently. Remember that old quote, “Practice makes perfect”? Well, it’s no joke. A mediocre writer can become great with regular practice. Procrastination is the enemy and discipline is the best weapon in our arsenal.

What Makes a Good Writer? Efficiency Is Key!

Moving on to Efficiency. So now you know you’re creative and you’re consistent. Great, but you’re still a long way from becoming a good writer if you can’t get the work done before a deadline. Time, tide and clients wait for no one. Ramp up your writing speed!

Good Writers MUST Write Relevant Content!

Our last point really ties everything together. Your creative, well made, on-time work is worth nil unless it’s relevant to the reader. Know your subject matter, know your audience. Getting creative doesn’t mean going down crazy rabbit holes and leaving everyone confused. Keep it within the topic’s limits.

Conclusion: A Good Writer Must Constantly Work on His Writing Skills

So there you have it, the four pillars that hoist a person into the upper echelon of writers. We regularly train our writers to maintain them the best writers in the industry. Work on your writing skills and your potential is limitless!


2022 Can Be The Year Of Your Life – Filled With Content

2021 is almost over (if you’re still reading this in 2021), and it was quite a challenging year. Covid-19, vaccines, a rollercoaster stock market, and what not. However, one thing hasn’t changed – the huge potential of the world wide web.

Whether you’re a digital market, a blog owner, or anything in between, you already know that the future is online. And in order to be the master of the web, you need CONTENT. That too hasn’t changed!

We want to help you start the new year with a BANG. Whether it’s for a landing page, an SEO article, a blog post, a press release, or anything else – take advantage of our 30% OFF all PRIME level orders!

Use the Code CPW22 on any Prime order and enjoy the discount! See you in 2022!

The 6 Advantages Of Outsourcing Content Marketing In 2021


“Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left” – Seth Godin 

Countless statistics back up Seth’s observation. Just to mention one, the CMI Digital Content Marketing Stats reveal that a whopping 72% of marketers saw a rise in the number of leads and engagement with content marketing. 

Surprisingly though, a study from Zazzle Media reports that an alarming 60% of people find it hard to produce engaging content consistently! 

Evidently, content marketing is no walk in the park. This means a business needs to lock in a lot of its resources to create top-notch content.
Outsourcing content marketing is a great way to get around this fix. Here are 6 benefits of content outsourcing: 


“Do what you do best and outsource the rest”, Peter Drucker summarised outsourcing in the 1990s. 

Outsourcing content frees up your businesses’ precious time and human resources to focus on your core tasks. Perhaps you can bring that dream product to launch a couple of months early, or maybe you can put a robust training program in place with these freed-up resources.


Good content is surprisingly easy to miss, bad content is equally easy to spot! 

Only a professional can handle content marketing properly for you to reap its real windfalls.

We humans are creatures of habits. We do best what we do repeatedly. A dedicated content marketer brings with him specialist knowledge and creative ideas honed by years of experience.


Content is words that lead to action.

Below-par content that doesn’t make your reader act is a wastage of your marketing dollars. Even worse, Google and other search engines penalize superfluous content. 

With so many tasks involved like researching, planning, understanding buyer personas, outlines content goals, SEO, and guest posting, creating content at volumes is a full-time job. With outsourcing, you enjoy the best of both worlds – Quality content in large quantities!


Hiring a full-time salaried employee comes with loads of perks and overhead.  With outsourcing, you only pay the project cost. You do not have to pay when your hire is on sick leave, nor have his laptop repaired when he breaks it. Outsourcing is way cheaper.


Outsourced content creators are paid on a per-word basis. They gain nothing by needless delays.  You get fast timely deliveries even on tight deadlines.

Salaried employees naturally do not have these incentives to be as efficient.


With outsourcing, you can choose from a wide base of content creators. What’s more, you can benefit from the depth of each content creator’s expertise in his niche.

With such awesome advantages, outsourcing is the best way to accelerate your business into the growth fast-lane with the power of content marketing! Let us at CentPerWord write the quality content you need for your website and business, while you focus on growing your company!

5 Reasons Your Online Business Needs Content

Studies show that 80% of shoppers like written content more than ads. They also agree that content marketing makes a product or brand appear more attractive in their eyes. In addition, content helps those people make informed purchase decisions.

For this reason, if your online business still doesn’t use an effective content marketing tactic, it’s definitely missing out on a great opportunity to reach more prospects. If you’re looking to purchase affordable articles for an online business, contact a professional content writing agency like CentPerWord. As an affordable content writing agency, we’re always ready to help you attract more customers through the engaging blog posts we create.

These days, having content is a must if you want your business to grow and reach its maximum potential. To further convince you, here are 5 reasons your online business needs content:

1. It’s The Foundation of Your Brand’s Personality

Content can establish your brand and influence people’s decisions when they shop for a product or service. If your brand is still new, content will help it create a unique personality. As part of your marketing efforts, you can use blog posts or articles to let the public know about your business. In this case, we’re ready to help you with affordable articles in USA. We will make sure that your business has a different voice to be heard.

2. Reap the Benefits of Organic Search

When you have content, you have something for search engines to index. As you probably already know, search giants like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are always hungry for the latest updates from the internet. Research found that 97% of people use these services to find the products they like. So if your brand has no online content to show, it won’t be found by internet users, thus missing the opportunity to draw their attention.

3. Get Qualified Leads

The main reason to do any form of marketing is to generate qualified leads, while the final goal is to get new customers to buy from you. These customers are usually interested in your product or service after reading through the interesting articles you publish on your site. So if you’re able to offer your visitors more valuable information through your content, they’ll relate to your brand and you will have a better chance of turning them into loyal customers.

4. Take Advantage of Social Media Shares

Social media users love to share useful things. You just need to give them blog posts worth reading and chances are they will spread them on the social platforms they use. And through their profiles your posts will reach more people, increasing your likelihood of getting more customers. If you need help with content creation, our content writing agency offers cheap articles in USA that you can use to maximize your marketing efforts.

5. Increase Returning Visitors to Your Site or Blog

One of the things that make a fast-growing business is returning visitors. They bring back some of the potential customers that disappeared or multiply the number of existing ones. By publishing online content regularly, your brand will have the opportunity to attract returning visitors to your site. Such visitors can elevate your brand status in the business world.

If you’re interested in buying affordable articles in USA to boost your content marketing strategy, contact us today! We’re a reliable content writing agency that sells quality articles at friendly prices.

5 Tips for Content Marketing in 2021


Effective content marketing strategy is crucial for brands wishing to increase their online presence. With good content, it’s easier to enhance your brand’s affluence, improve sales, and drive revenue without breaking your bank.

Are you finding trouble developing compelling and adequate content or looking for your blog’s best content writing agency? Do you want a long-term plan for your content marketing?

This article provides elaborate and effective content marketing tips to help you create good content, enhance your online presence and find a competent article writing service.

5 best content marketing tips to consider in 2021

For your content to appear on Google’s Search top pages, you need to create, distribute, and promote your content strategically. One of the most reliable ways to accomplish this goal is to find a competent content writing agency to create unique yet compelling content for your blog.

Besides content creation, there are other crucial tips worth considering for an enhanced content marketing campaign. Here are the top five content marketing tips you should know this year:

1. Gather a proficient content marketing team

Hiring different content creators to work on your blog content isn’t usually a good idea. It usually produces little buzz. It’s advisable to assemble a reliable and proficient content team that can guarantee the development of rewarding and persuasive content.

It would be best if the team understands each other’s weaknesses and capabilities and can depend on one another. Today, there are many content writing services ready to generate high-quality digital marketing content. It’s best to go for a reputable and competent content writing agency.

2. Repurposing content

You can repost your previous jobs in other forms and still be effective. Remember, you’re targeting a broad audience coverage with varying preferences. Instead of posting your content in text form only, you can repurpose it by converting it to other formats like video script and infographics.

 3. Buy Quality Content

Junk content can turn out to be extremely expensive in the long run. Most executives and brands investing in content that doesn’t match the desired standard tend to damage their brand. Please don’t get me wrong; cheap content isn’t always bad. You just need to find the right supplier; it’s just best to go for a reliable and high-quality content writing service, which doesn’t just talk the talk, but also walks the walk.

For more complex and sensitive content, it’s best you hire a reputable content writing agency, like CentPerWord. Get in touch and see what we have to offer.

4. Consider email lists

Emails are an effective content marketing strategy, which many tend to miss out on. According to 2016’s yearly Email Marketing analysis, every $1 used on email marketing returns about $44. As research shows, sending targeted emails to your audience can significantly boost your online presence and profits.

5. Don’t overlook podcast advertising

Podcast advertising is snowballing today and among the top advertising channel in the US. It’s a preferable advertisement medium by most digital marketers since it can cover a vast audience. Research indicates more than 50% of Americans listen to podcasts daily, with teenagers and young professionals at the top of the list.

Hence, podcasting can be a great medium to boost your online presence.


Content marketing is an essential aspect of digital marketing nowadays. It drives conversion, engagement, sales, and online presence. Using an expert content writing agency can be a great way to generate the best content to drive traffic to your business and blog.