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CentPerWord offers its clients the highest quality content at the most affordable rates!

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With a native English speaking team of writers, we guarantee professionally written, high quality content every time you order!

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All content written by CentPerWord is hand written by its team and double-checked before delivery. Copyscape approved!

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The lifeblood of content marketing is excellent blog content. Posts written by our expert writers will give your blogs a new lease of life. We can dive deep into a link-worthy thinkpiece or keep things simple, with our expert opinion thrown in for good measure.


Why Quality Blog Posts?


As you start your online website journey, you’ll find that content creation is the most effective way to progress. Great blog content is important for standing out from the crowd and achieving high search engine rankings. Take a look at some of the reasons why your blog should place a greater emphasis on high-quality content.

Blogging Gets You Noticed


Blogging will help you and your website get recognized. The name of the game here is content creation, so you’ll need high-quality content that answers a reader’s question. The longer someone stays on your site, the more valuable your site is to search engines. As a result, more traffic will come your way. Let’s not forget that search engines like Google adore websites that update their content regularly, particularly if the content is of high quality.

Fuel Your Social Media Strategy


Your social media marketing strategy centers around your blog. Social media fuel emerges from the content you publish on your blog. Your audience latches on to it and shares it on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and others. As a result, more people will notice it and reach your website.

Boost Sales


Great blog content is also crucial since it can determine whether or not customers will return. Customer retention is based on strong content. Rather than shoving ideas down your customers’ throats, it’s a smart idea to build your blog posts in a more indirect way. Many people prefer to conduct their own research and come to their own conclusions about a product or brand.


With CentPerWord You Get Blog Writing Services That Sell


Informative and Engaging Blog Posts


You will get a boost online with our blog article writing service, thanks to our insightful and engaging articles that will help you better reach your customers. Having a blog with quality content, independent of the product or service you’re offering, is the perfect way to not only attract your current customers but also to expand your focus and aim at getting new ones. Our blog writers understand this and take the time to research before writing useful, unique, and insightful SEO blog posts tailored to your brand.

Content Marketing from Native Blog Writers


CentPerWord’s blog content is written by native speakers of your target language. We also make sure that our content writing services are appropriate for the topic you require. This ensures that all of the content we produce is personalized and optimized to meet your specific requirements while remaining interesting and engaging. Content marketing elements would be integrated into the articles written by our experienced writers to ensure that they fulfill SEO requirements, ensuring optimization.

Monetize your Blog and Sell More


The easiest way to monetize your blog is to produce great content. You’ll be able to take your services and products to the next level by having them available to a wider variety of prospective clients with amazing blog posts written with your target audience in mind. Hiring the services of a blog writing company would allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

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